Rugged terminals for warehouse and logistics

Point Mobile products are the right product for intense work in scanning barcodes in various environment. Keeping the latest technology for your clients, your staff will always use the tool with user-friendly and convenient controls for maximum efficiency. Point Mobile terminals solve using the latest technology with user-friendly and easy-to-use handling.




Point Mobile Terminals are equipped with Cortex A8 or Marvel PXA 300 processors for maximum device performance. Combined with the appropriate memory size and tuned other components, these are proven terminals that quickly increase the efficiency of warehouse operations and logistics.


Robust and versatile

Point Mobile terminals are resistant to repeated falls from up to 1.8m in height across the operating temperature range of the device. IP protection ensures good resistance to liquid and dust penetration. The devices are equipped with high-quality interfaces for communicating with connected systems (3.9G, WiFI IEEE 802.11 and / b / g / n, Bluetooth v.2.1 Class).



Reliable scanning of barcodes

Point mobile terminals can be equipped with a 1D or 1D / 2D scanner. The scanner supports all standard bar types over a wide range of read distance.


Variable keyboard

The PM450 can be equipped with two keypad types - "32 key Numeric / shifted Alpha" or "56 key Full Alpha / Numeric" keyboard. This variability offers maximum efficiency for PM450 applications. The keyboard can be swapped easily in just a few minutes.


Wide range usage

Point Mobile Terminals are designed to be used effectively in the widest range of logistics industries: transportation, logistics, distribution centers, manufacturing, government, the public sector, ... With these devices, you can rely on faultless and fast task assignments. Point Mobile products guarantees a minimum "downtime" within management processes and low acquisition and maintenance costs.

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