Robust PDA for retail and wholesale

The inventory management system is nowadays a necessary part of any retail and wholesale chain, e-shop. Using robust devices with a suitable application, companies can effectively manage and manage inventory and improve business efficiency.

Most devices can be customized to fill industry specifics, improving their productivity, lowering costs, and enhancing customer service. With custom SDKs you can customize custom applications.

For use in retail and wholesale logistics, there are PDA - Point Mobile PM66 terminals equipped with a keyboard, proven PM70 and PM80.


Powerful processors and operating system

The Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8016 and MSM8916 processors are market-certified application processors that provide Point Mobile devices with sufficient performance for application in any industry and business. Combined with Windows or Android, these processors make a harmonious unit for maximum efficiency when using Point Mobile PDA

Robust design

The IP67 enclosure provides water resist for the immersion of 30 minutes at a depth of 1m and dustproofing. Gorilla Glass provides maximum screen protection. The devices are tested for damage from repeated falls from a height and a random fall test.



Reliable wireless interfaces

As a rule, professional users prefer to have a seamless connection before speed, so the equipment of these devices is primarily focused on a smooth crossover between WWAN and WLAN and seamless roaming between routers and access points in harsh conditions.

Point Mobile Terminals are equipped with powerful wireless interfaces to ensure maximum connectivity to the world. 4G LTE category 4 provides worldwide coverage (United States and Europe). The latest Bluetooth technology significantly reduces power consumption and offers up to 3 times faster transmission speeds than previous versions. Connectivity via WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n ensures reliable connectivity in local conditions.

The device can be equipped with 1D / 2D bar code scanners for trouble-free acquisition and processing of information and many other peripherals.

Physical numeric keypad

In spite of the growing use of touch screen devices, devices with a physical keyboard are still preferred in some industries for maximum efficiency. The PM66 offers both touch and touch control via the physical keyboard. With a 4.3-inch display and a physical keyboard, the PM66 retains its relatively compact size, and the wide buttons are ideal for comfortable and fast operation, either with a glove or without a glove. Keys ilumination for darkroom use increases efectivity of use.



Function keys

Most PDAs on the market use capacitive touch keys for Home, Menu, and Back choices. PM80 and PM70 are equiped hard keys: Home, Menu and Backmaps, making it easy to operate under hard conditions or in theoutdoor areas.


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