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Green Wifi Drive Addonics under your Christmas tree. turn your USB drive into a full NAS disk drive.

The Addonics WiFi Drive Adapter is a handy network device. It is a great tool for wireless sharing of a USB drive or micro SD card. There is no router or local area network set up needed, making this a perfect solution for setting up a small wireless media server in a car, home, office or any place for wireless file sharing, video or music streaming to multiple wireless devices. Set up is fast and easy. Simply attach a USB drive or inserting a micro SD card into the WiFi Drive Adapter. The data on the USB drive or the micro SD card becomes readily accessible wirelessly.

The WiFi Drive Adapter a great way to set up a shared internet connection by multiple wireless devices in hotel, office or any places where there is only one internet connection is available. To create a wireless hot spot, simply connect the WiFi Drive Adapter to a Local Area Network with Internet connection.


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