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Incorporated in 1998, Addonics Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company located in the Silicon Valley, California. Its mission is to provide professionals and business users a complete family of innovative storage solutions with the highest quality and best compatibility in mind. Addonics Technologies, Inc. business focus is to deliver a family of data storage building blocks that can be easily put together to form a variety of data storage solutions. These building blocks consist of sub systems, IO converters, storage enclosures, racks, controllers, interface boards, mounting brackets, interface cables, power cables, adapters and connectors. In as much as possible, the building blocks are designed as independent modules that can be used as stand alone or combined in many possibilities, similar to the LEGO blocks, to form powerful and flexible storage solutions.

Many Addonics storage components are vitally important for certain storage applications. For example, Addonics 2.5" IDE to ZIF converter enables the retrieval of valuable data inside the 1.8" ZIF hard drive or SSD using a standard Desktop computer. The Drive Cartridge system in our Diamond series enables either an IDE or SATA hard drive to be added or removed from a single drive bay like a regular tape cassette. The SATA-CF adapter that allows a computer to be run off a CF media just like a solid state drive. Addonics USIB converters that enable IDE, ATAPI or SATA storage device to interface to any computer via USB, Firewire or eSATA connection.

Many other Addonics Storage components, such as the Drive Cartridge systems, rack mounted chassis, multi-bay storage enclosures, NAS adapters, iSCSI sub systems, hardware encryption modules, Port Multipliers and controllers can all be used for simple storage expansion. They can also be used to create a custom Network Attached Storage or iSCSI storage with various RAID capabilities and practically unlimited storage expansion possibilities.

Addonics 256-bit AES hardware encryption solution is considered the most advanced encryption solution with the fastest performance in the market today. In conjunction with Addonics unique hardware implementation, the data is secured in the hard drive with no possibilities of any security penetration. Addonics security solution is the simplest to deploy, no special software or training required, is totally OS independent and can be implemented to any hard drives or solid state media. Addonics advanced data encryption hardware can be implemented onto a small portable storage device to a large storage farm in a data center,

With the continual advancement of storage media and interface standards, Addonics is always ready to provide special IO and connector converters that enable attaching legacy storage devices to the new computer systems or installing new storage devices onto legacy system. These converters are also vital tools in migrating data from the old to the new storage system. As a member of different technologies associations and strategic partners with many key industrial players in the storage field, Addonics is at the forefront of the storage technology to provide our customer the solution to protect and extend the useable life of the storage investment.

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