Rugged notebooks and tablets DURABOOK

Ready for military

Military personnel deserve the most advanced, most durable technology products available. Durabook computers are built rugged and designed to with stand the daily challenges of military task forces.


Build to help, made to care

Health care professionals need to understand and evaluate client issues. These tasks demand access to detailed medical information.Technology has revolutionized Health Care industry.

Also for public safety

Not only the versatility and mobility but also the toughness of the Durabook computers meet the requirements of every aspect of the public safety mission. Durabook provides an ideal solution for public safety personnel.


Usefull for inventory managment

In order to optimize inventory management systems quickly
and cost-effectively, mobile computers provide retail
employees with access to inventory management and price verification.

They are more than notebooks. They are DURABOOKS!

Rugged notebooks and tablets suitable for every sector.


High Quality Customization Service

With great engineering capability, production, quality control, and customer-oriented service, Durabook is able to offer not only customized designs for application for different industries, but also offers reliable products with high quality through process and quality management. Durabook has built its good reputation among global customers of different industries with its past performance and track-records.

Currently, Durabook provides products and service to various industry sectors including military, police, government agencies, education, retailing, transportation/distribution, warehousing, healthcare, and commercial institutions.


Rigorous Product Development Process

To meet the requirements of high-quality and unique features for IPC market, R&D team of Durabook has insisted on a strict product development process. From the initial concept, design/engineering, test/verification all the way to mass production, each step is tightly connected within the framework of the customer’s demands. It is to ensure the right technology is incorporated and correct measurements for quality are built along the way. With this process, Durabook is able to provide products that are fully compliant with the requirements of the customers.


Advanced R&D Team

The RD team of Durabook encompasses:

(1) Electronic Engineering
(2) Mechanical Engineering
(3) Software Engineering
(4) Thermal Design
(5) Radio Frequency Engineering
(6) EMI/Safety
(7) Design Quality Assurance.

They are the most valuable asset of Durabook. Together, they form the core engine to provide impetus for product advancement and push the envelope of technology. Beside their technical expertise, Durabook RD has accumulated enough working experience to have a macro view on system architecture level and how they fit into the actual applications in field. Add that to their understanding of integration of different technologies, Durabook RD is able to create the most suitable system for customers.

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