Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Our company is business partner of Hewlett Packard in the EG (Enterprise Group) category products. HP, as one of most considerable company in the area enterprise solutions, that on the basis her top development practically determine world's general trends in application of information technologies, be much accounted of supplier.

Our cooperation with HP is specializing in especially on supplies and services in the area Industry Standard Servers, whose characteristics matches position of HP - like world's leader in those caregory and further in the area data stacking, data-management and transferable infrastructure. From portfolios this producer it is possible to design a solutions practically any range and segmentation, inclusive advanced guarantee.

The company Dataflex Security, s.r.o. provides for his customers in the area HP demands possibility of product and technical pre-selling consultations. Further project processing of configurations to special - interest technologies, or (if you like) price offers for selected products. Last but not least will ensure all logistician supplies in required terms and related after-selling (evidence of maintenance) support. In case of need it is possible offer to customers also support for installation and implementation. Team with of many year's standing experiences in a given segment is guarantee always successful realization.

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