Poindus - professional POS systems

Poindus Systems Corp. was established in June 2009 and is a fast growing company based in Taipei City, Taiwan with 3 subsidiaries based in Los Angeles, USA, London, Great Britain and Stuttgart in Germany.

Poindus has always been the leader in the development and manufacture of high-end and high-performance computing platforms that provide professional All-In-One POS terminals, industrial displays and industry-wide series controllers.

Uncompromising in the field of ergonomics and aesthetics in industry, Poindus has been running a rigorous product innovation policy since 2009, and has been continually successful in market competition and has become a driving force in the POS industry. Poindus strives to create a globalized service network.

Poindus Systems Corp offers systems of superior functionality and stylish look for any use. The ToriPOS terminal was awarded the d & i Awards 2013 and the VariPOS 210 was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2016.

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