YEC Professional Hard Drive Service Solution

YEC was established on January 10 of 1992. Their main business operations are the development, production and distribution of customized devices for major electronic manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers. In 1993, they succeeded in developing a hard disk duplicator for the first time in Japan. Since then, they deliver hard disk data copy, deletion, analysis, and inspection tools to major personal computer manufacturers, car navigation system manufacturers, and public agencies and academic institutes who process massive data.

YECs shares are leading the market, and in 2010 they opened a new office at the center of global market, Beijing in China, to expand their business operations internationally. Today, storage devices are quickly migrating from hard disks to silicon according to Moore's Law, and YEC expanded their business operations to "storage applications" broadly including USB, SD and CF in 2008. Five fields of duplicators, solutions, media tools, customization and commodities are set as their five business domains, and they constantly introduce high quality new products in each field based on their proprietary technologies through the consistent system from development and production to distribution. With YECs management philosophy "We provide customers with reliable, impressive, high-quality storage application solutions," all employees strive to become a company contributing to the society.

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