• VariPOS

    Poindus VariPOS

    Solution for your business

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  • Poindus G8s & G10s

    The most rugged tablets for any purpose

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    Poindus G8s &G10s
  • PM45

    Point Mobile PM45

    The first truly rugged and smart enterprise smartphone 

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  • Solutions and products
    Open Source
    Software Platforms

    Products and solutions for data saving -  Linux Platforms - JBoss Middleware - Virtualization - Cloud Computing - Storage - Mobile

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  • PM550

    Professional industrial mobile terminal tuned for maximum durability.

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  • Solutions and products
    Enterprise Group

    Data stacking - Data management - Transferable infrastructure  - Installation and implementation

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  • Durable PDA

    Efficient solution for retail and wholesale. Using robust devices with suitable application, companies can manage and manage inventory quality and reliability and improve business efficiency.

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  • Durable terminals

    Ideal solution for warehouse and logistics. For intense work in scanning barcodes in the most demanding work environment, Point Mobile products are the right product for you.

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  • Durable devices
    Perfectly fits to your businness

    Phones - Tablets - Notebooks for any purpose you can imagine

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    Durable devices
  • Storage systems

    Storage systems and solutions - Duplicators - Controllers - Converters - Adapters

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  • YEC Professional Hard Drive
    Service Solution

    Hard Drive Solutions - Forensic Duplication / Data Wipe / Test - Multi Port Duplication - Test / Wipe / Repair - Rack System

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